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My husband and I moved from the Casa View area in Dallas to Camelot in 1984.  We have been thankful ever since for such a great neighborhood and terrific neighbors.  A few years ago, many things needed to be upgraded in our home, and we had to make a decision as to whether to stay here and do major remodeling or move somewhere else.  After much discussion and prayer, we decided this neighborhood was too good to leave and plunged into remodeling!

We have two grown and married children who live in the area and a first grandchild this year (2009).  Grandparenting is the BEST!

My husband is a piano instructor and also full time accompanist for the Irving ISD but currently looking for a choral directing job closer to home with a school district.  My daughter and I began our own business in 2006 - Engle Support Services (Document Design) - and work out of my home.  My interests are reading, the Orthodox faith, gardening, music, doing research online, and learning new computer skills.

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