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Barking dog(s)

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I've lived in Camelot for almost 11 years, been a paying member of CNA for ( I think) all of those.  I'm a member of all Facebook groups that I know of, but I'm not sure who could best answer this question:


If your neighbor(s) have non-stop barking dogs because of negligence, or their idiocy because of literal ignorance, how should a good neighbor handle this? 

Note - I WILL NOT shoot the dog(s)!   I'm still open on how I should deal with their owners.

Can the CNA send a letter expressing  concern, since they don't answer the door if I try?


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Here are some suggestions from a neighbor who has had this problem in the past:


If he thinks the neighbor  is reasonable, then I would send a typewritten note politely explaining that he has tried to make personal contact to discuss but unsuccessfully.  Then, define the problem…excess barking of the dogs.  He needs to provide a list of the dates and times that the dogs bark non-stop to show unreasonable noise.  For example, if the dogs bark continuously from 5:30 p.m. through to midnight…..then sporadically throughout the night waking him up…. That would be unreasonable. However, if the dogs bark from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., then stop until 5:30pm  to 8:00 pm, that’s not unreasonable.  Anyway, that also provides documentation if further action is necessary.  He could request that the owners of the dogs keep them inside after 10:00 at night so that  all can get some sleep. (that worked for us with a neighbor whose dog barked continuously all night long.  The neighbor complied).  Leave a phone number so that the neighbor can contact him if they choose.  Responsible people will.


If that doesn’t work, then he should check for the owner of the property through Dallas CAD (  If the owner is NOT the neighbor, then, he should send a certified letter (shows proof of delivery or attempted delivery) to the owner of the property notating a problem with his tenant.  Owners are responsible for the behavior of their tenants. If the neighbor IS the owner, then address the certified letter to them, again requesting that they deal with the barking dog issue.  If that doesn’t work, call the police and be prepared to file a complaint for violating the noise ordinance.  That will get ugly, of course.  He can also bypass the letters to the neighbor and/or owner and call the police, but the police will have a better chance of dealing with the problem if he follows steps 1 and 2 above.  Above all, he should always be polite and calm with whomever he deals with.

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I feel your pain...Frown

We am having the same problem with our neighbor... This poor dog is out there day and night. Thru all kinds of weather. I have called Animal Control during a storm we had and they came out and talked to them. It helped for a few days, but not long. They told me to contact non emergency police. I have done that. Again, for a day or 2. 

Not only that, they do not put their trash out for pick up. I have been in contact with the city and it helps for a week or so and then right back to the same thing.

They also like to empty their trash from their cars on the curb which is really making me mad.

The list goes on...


Not sure what to do anymore. Sorry for venting. Other than this particular house we have wonderful neighbors.Smile

Did you get any suggestions on how to deal with this poor barking dog issue ? We have a neighbor who leaves her dog out no matter the weather and I feel badly complaining but he barks constantly 

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