On Nov 10, 2017, went to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. After the oil change was began I was offered additional maintenance which I declined.  The service tech was then informed of this.
Sometime after leaving The Jiffy Lube I noticed a clicking noise that occurred while turning corners. This was new. Inspection of the steering linkage (front sway bar) revealed the left side was very obviously incorrectly assembled. The end linkage was loose and did not couple the sway bar to the wheel.
I took the car to North Central Ford where it was found that, in addition to my observations, both sway bar end links were missing parts.
I am of the opinion the Jiffy Lube tech began the additional maintenance before I was asked if I wanted it.  The cashier belatedly informed the service tech who hurriedly and incorrectly reassembled the end links.
I feel obligated to recommend this Jiffy Lube be avoided.