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Welcome to Camelot from the Camelot Neighborhood Association! We are so happy to have you in our neighborhood.

The Camelot Neighborhood Association is a voluntary organization comprised of interested citizens throughout the neighborhood. Everyone living here is welcome to attend our monthly meetings (third Sunday of each month except October and December), have some fun, and find out what is going on in our neighborhood. Click on "CNA Membership Form:" under "Pages & Links" to print out  an application. Or click on "Pay CNA Dues with PayPal" to pay online.

With your membership, you are entitled to receive The Knightly News, a monthly newsletter prepared by members of the Association. We try to make this newsletter fun and informative about a variety of things pertinent to our neighborhood. Names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers of all the Association officers and committee chairpersons are found on the second page of the newsletter (as well as under "Our Info - Contact List" in this website). Please do not hesitate to let us help you. We welcome your comments and letters.

In October, the Association sponsors a wonderful picnic for all Camelot neighbors with really special things for the kids to do. It's a fun day for all and a good way to meet your neighbors.

We have a Crime Watch Program in place, and we include a monthly report of all crimes that have occurred in our neighborhood in the monthly newsletter. Crime stats are updated on the website every month.

Again, welcome. We look forward to knowing you.





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