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The Camelot neighborhood is comprised of 1581 homes within the boundaries of Shiloh Road, Jupiter Road, Arapaho Road and Campbell Road in Garland, Texas. The Camelot Neighborhood Association is a group of people who truly care about the neighborhood where they live. This volunteer group and its supporting membership are trying to maintain a neighborhood that we can all be proud to call home.



Contact CNA at coordinator@camelotna.com.



Wood Frames

I'm looking for someone  in the neighborhood  who make wood frames? Very simple  one. Pls call me or email me  romanho1@mac.com   972 414 8706 romanho Iam at Holly Cross ln more
Started: May 8th, 04:51 PMReplies: 0

Hiring the right roofer

I've been hearing lots of horror stories about homeowners hiring crooked roofers..   They will take large deposits and dissapear   They will carry no Liability Insurance, which puts the home... more
Started: March 3rd, 03:06 PMReplies: 0

Do you know? How to Paint A Brick House

Relying on what type of brick you have got and it’s situation, determines the goods that you will use to ensure adhesion and toughness.   Brick have to be bleached and pressure washed to... more
Started: February 16th, 01:37 AMReplies: 0
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