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The Camelot neighborhood is comprised of 1580 homes within the boundaries of Shiloh Road, Jupiter Road, Arapaho Road and Campbell Road in Garland, Texas. The Camelot Neighborhood Association is a group of people who truly care about the neighborhood where they live. This volunteer group and its supporting membership are trying to maintain a neighborhood that we can all be proud to call home.



Contact CNA at coordinator@camelotna.com.





Camelot lost a great lady on February 4.

Rest in peace, Mrs. Opal Joplin.



Pilates Classes

Pilates Classes taught by myself, Sue Dado, a member of Camelot neighborhood since October of 2014.    My name is Sue, I am a certified Pilates instructor and former contemporary dancer. My... more
Started: January 28th, 06:40 PMReplies: 0

Wanting to purchase

Wanted to baby clothes and furniture for a boy due Jan 2015. Must be in good condition because it is for a desperate single Mother.   Thank you,   Kathy   Please call if I don't pickup... more
Started: November 14th, 03:02 PMReplies: 0

Home Buyers Looking

Hi, I own a home on Spring Brook. I am a residential real estate agent and love helping people sell or buy in Camelot. I currently have two home buyers clients who would love to raise families in... more
Started: November 7th, 02:06 PMReplies: 0
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Concordia Lutheran Church


5702 N. Jupiter Road, Garland, TX



 Concordia Learning Center