Camelot Neighborhood Association




The Camelot neighborhood is comprised of 1581 homes within the boundaries of Shiloh Road, Jupiter Road, Arapaho Road and Campbell Road in Garland, Texas. The Camelot Neighborhood Association is a group of people who truly care about the neighborhood where they live. This volunteer group and its supporting membership are trying to maintain a neighborhood that we can all be proud to call home.



Contact CNA at coordinator@camelotna.com.



Barking dog(s)

Background: I've lived in Camelot for almost 11 years, been a paying member of CNA for ( I think) all of those.  I'm a member of all Facebook groups that I know of, but I'm not sure who could... more
Started: December 17th 2012Replies: 3

Jiffy Lub, 2201 W Campbell Rd

On Nov 10, 2017, went to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. After the oil change was began I was offered additional maintenance which I declined.  The service tech was then informed of this.Sometime... more
Started: January 11th, 11:19 AMReplies: 0

Foundation Repair

Hi there,               My name is Rob and I live on Excalibur Drive. My family and I own and operate Cornerstone Foundation Repair. I just wanted to reach out to... more
Started: June 21st 2017Replies: 0
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