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In order for the Camelot neighborhood to remain a quality place to live, the appearance must not deteriorate. While some may view code enforcement as negative, the purpose of the department is to ensure the safety, welfare and cleanliness of neighborhoods.

Most Camelot residents want to maintain an attractive neighborhood. To assist you, we are providing a list of City of Garland ordinances that often apply to residential neighborhoods. It is not intended to be as detailed or legally correct as the completely written City codes, but only to provide quick reference information in simple language. If you have concerns about violations, you may e-mail or phone me.

High Grass - Grass or weeds higher than 12” are a violation. This includes weeds outside back fences, around air conditioner units, and around wheels of trailers parked on grass.

Fences - Fences which have missing or broken slats or which lean more than ten degrees are in violation of City code. Generally, if just one slat is missing, the City does not consider this a violation. It is also a violation to take down a fence and leave the poles in the ground for more than 90 days.

Parking in Yard - In the front yard, vehicles can be parked on a paved surface or a gravel bed which has at least 6” of gravel and is contained within a border. The City has amended this ordinance, and effective June 2003, parking will be permitted only on concrete or paving stones. The ordinance about parking on grass has also been recently changed, and this provision is in effect now! Simply stated, one cannot park a car, trailer, or any other vehicle on grass. Previously, this was permitted in the back yard and in the side yard if the side yard was enclosed in a fence.
Parking on Street - No vehicle (e.g., car, boat, etc.) can remain parked on the street in the same location for more than forty-eight hours. Unattached trailers (e.g., boat trailers) cannot be parked in the street for any length of time.

Oversize Vehicles - Oversized vehicles cannot be parked in the neighborhood. An oversize vehicle essentially means a truck, tractor, semi-tractor (whether or not attached to a trailer), or any large truck with a manufacturer’s rating of 9,000 gross vehicle weight or higher. Basically, no vehicle larger than a very large pick-up truck (e.g., one with four tires on rear axle) can be parked anywhere in a residential neighborhood with the exception of a motor vehicle or trailer designed for short-term occupancy for travel/recreation/vacation IF the motor vehicle or trailer is parked on private property (i.e., not the street). No tow trucks of any size are allowed.

Junk Vehicles - A junk vehicle is defined as (1) being inoperable for thirty days AND (2) not having a valid license plate or vehicle inspection sticker OR (3) is wrecked, dismantled, or discarded.

Trees - Trees over sidewalks must provide at least 8’ of clearance. Tree limbs which overhang streets or alleys must provide at least 14’ of clearance. A dead tree is also considered a violation if it could be dangerous in the event that it fell over or a large branch dropped off. However, the tree has to be 100% dead.

Housing Nuisance – Houses are in violation if the paint is peeling/missing, windows are broken, or wood siding or roof is deteriorating. A deteriorating roof is one that leaks.

Businesses – A business operated from the home is okay if it does not create traffic (e.g., delivery trucks), does not involve stocking inventory, and does not have employees. It is clearly a violation to have a car repair business operated from the home. Further, it is also a violation to repair a car if the car does not belong to the resident of the home—even if it is just being done as a favor at no cost for a friend.

Trash & Refuse - It is a violation to have trash or refuse in the yard unless it is in a proper receptacle.

Improper Storage - It is a violation to have outside the house items subject to deterioration such as indoor furniture, appliances, boxes, television sets, vehicle parts, and any material stored in a disorderly manner as to offer harborage to vermin. Lumber stored outside must be at least 18” off the ground.

House Numbers – There must be street address numbers both on the back and front of all houses unless the house does not have an alley in the back (e.g., backs up to a lake). Address numbers must be at least 3” high. In the back, these should be above the garage or on the fence, but the ordinance is not specific as to where they have to be.

Lawn & Weed Problems?

Do you have problems with your lawn (e.g., weeds, bare spots, etc.) and don't know how to resolve them? For Camelot Neighborhood Association members only, we will provide a free consultation. We absolutely will not charge any fee, sell any product, provide your name to a lawn service, etc. This is done solely for the purpose of improving the appearance of the Camelot area. To set up an appointment, please call Rick Williams at 972-495-9545.


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