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Occasionally, we get a call from a resident who is concerned that there may be drug activity at a house on his street. He is usually reluctant to call the police because he fears retaliation if he is identified as the complainant.

Now there is a way to get the police involved without having to have an officer come to your house or have your name on a written complaint. You can call the Narcotics Unit at 972-205-2098 before 2:00 p.m. and give the secretary the address of the house and all the information you have collected. You do not have to give your name but you will not be identified to the problem house if you do. Lieutenant Jennings will then decide whether to set up a stakeout or do what the police refer to as a “walk and talk.” Officers go to the problem house, tell residents that neighbors have seen suspicious activity, and question the residents. Often this is enough to end the problem, since no one involved in drug activity wants to think that the police are watching.

You need to collect as much information as you can to aid the officers. You need to note what kinds of activity, what days and times it takes place, describe the people involved, describe the vehicles, note whether it’s the same vehicles or different ones every time, and get license numbers if you can—in short, any kind of information that will help the officers determine the extent of the problem and the best time to show up for a stakeout or a “walk and talk.”

You now have a way to get involved and make a difference without setting yourself or your family up for any problems with the offending neighbors

Posted by txclogger on 05/27/2006
Last updated on 07/29/2009
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