Camelot Neighborhood Association

Beautification ~ Yard of the Month

By Reba Collins, Committee Chair


Each month from May through October, volunteer judges roam the neighborhood, looking for yards that stand out for their curb appeal. The rules to win are simple and basic. Lawns should be well manicured with healthy grass and/or groundcovers. Trees and shrubs should be pruned and attractively trimmed. Flowers and other colorful plants are always nice but not necessarily mandatory. The overall effect should be a well-maintained yard with balanced landscaping.

Once again, Desperados Mexican Restaurant (3443 W. Campbell Road at Jupiter Road, www.desperados has generously agreed to award $10 gift certificates to each of our monthly winners. If you have not visited this neighborhood restaurant lately, you are missing out on authentic, traditional, Tex-Mex cuisine. We want to thank Desperados for their continued support, especially during tough economic times. They truly understand the importance of corporate stewardship with their commitment to neighborhood beautification efforts. Full-year  CNA members who are selected for Yard of the Month also receive $25 gift cards as part of their membership benefits.

A big thank you goes to the yard judges who have volunteered this year: Larry Brendel, Lee Tallo, Brenda Henkle, Bill O'Brien and Deanna Degenaar.





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