Camelot Neighborhood Association


Call 911 for any crime or suspicious activity/person where police presence is needed.

If an immediate police response is not required, you can call the non-emergency number of 972-485-4840. If you’re not sure, please call 911.

Certain crimes can be reported by phone by calling either the non-emergency number or the front desk at 972-205-2018. If you’re not sure, call the non-emergency number, and they’ll advise you accordingly.


The Neighborhood Police Officer, or NPO, is a Garland police officer who is responsible for a specified area and is able to deal with ongoing problems in that area. The NPO for the Camelot area is Officer John Capers. His phone number is 972-485-4883, but he is best reached by email at Please contact him if you have any information about a crime that has already been reported or if you have general questions or concerns.

Please do not contact our NPO for an immediate police presence or response or to file a report as he does not work 24/7.

The Camelot Crime & Safety Committee will post weekly crime reports for incidents in Camelot on Nextdoor to the extent that that information is made available by GPD. A monthly report will also be posted on Nextdoor, published in the monthly Knightly News, available to Camelot Neighborhood Association members, and posted on our website at under the Crime & Safety heading.

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